Kambrook made its name in the 1970s with its revolutionary 4-way power boards. Since then, we've been building smart electrical products for the home that offer great value, from irons, vacuums, heaters and fans.

In the Home


Ironing doesn't have to be a struggle. It takes much less effort to see results when using a good quality iron.

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Kambrook vacuum cleaners have been thoroughly tested to perform to the highest standards during the most rigorous use.

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Not all heaters provide the same type of distribution or heat, therefore not all heaters are suitable for all heating applications, regardless of wattage.

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Electric Blankets

Keeping people warm has been a Kambrook specialty for years. Since we first invented the four way power board in the early 1970s, Kambrook has been a pioneer in the field of electrical engineering.

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Simple designs and ease of use are the hallmarks of all our fans, providing cooling for the home on the hottest of days.

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Personal Care

Kambrook's personal care line of products helps you look your best day in and day out.

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