• 250W
  • Turbo Boost

Hand Mixer



The 250W Essentials Hand Mixer has 5 speed control and turbo boost. Puts power into your mixing and beating.
  • Powerful 250W motor
  • 5 speed power control
  • Rapid beater release function
Additional Information
 12 Months Warranty
 5 Variable Speeds
 220 - 240 Volts Voltage
 250 Watts Wattage
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As part of our rigorous testing procedures a KHM10 hand mixer completed over 100 hours of continuous testing. That should be enough time to make more than 100 pavlova’s. We do this to be sure that Kambrook is the smarter choice.

Care and Use Tips

Always begin mixing on a lower speed setting to prevent splattering. Gradually increase to the desired speed for your mixing task.