Soup 2 Simple Soup Maker



CHUNKY or SMOOTH; delicious hot soup made simple, in as little a 30 minutes.
  • 3 Pre-Set Cooking Functions
  • CHUNKY or SMOOTH delicious hot soup made simple in as little as 30 MINUTES
  • Makes 4 delicious servings of soup, too simple!
Additional Information
 Stainless Steel Design
 Auto Setting
 Additional Pulse Function
 Jug Shoot and Measuring Cup
 Sturdy Non-slip Feet
 Variable Speeds
 Stainless Steel Multi-blade Design for Crushing Ice
 1.5 litre Blending Jug Capacity
 220 - 240 Volts Voltage
 900W heating, 350W blending Wattage
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Tested for 600 cooking cycles and still serving

Care and Use Tips

Built tough and durability tested.

All Kambrook products are built to the toughest standards. Every new Kambrook product is tested in our Australian labs for safety, durability and performance. That is the Kambrook guarantee.

Durability Testing